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Eclipse is an open source integrated development environment written in Java. It is much more than a Java IDE, however. Rather, it is designed to be a universal tool platform, readily extensible to handle other language types and all manners of tools from authoring to modeling to development to testing to deployment. Support for Java, C/C++, Web Applications are either available or proposed on As a sign of's growing importance and momentum, over 40 member companies have joined the Eclipse board.

Information on how to participate in Eclipse development and enhancement of the platform can be found at Eclipse Corner

Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)

EMF is an open source framework for structural models. It includes tools for automatic generation of Java source code for improved productivity. EMF provides automated support for model instance persistance (default format is XMI), maintainence of model instance integrity (for instance, management of bidirectional relationships), and notification.

EMF is expected to play a key role in model driven architectures (MDA), esp for open source software.

EMF Hints and Tips

Written by Mike Kwong