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  1. Attributes with non-simple types
    It is important to understand that an attribute of non-basic type (i.e. an attribute with a Java class as the type) is equivalent to a containment relationship with the first Java class as the parent and the class of the attribute as the child. EMF will attempt to automatically maintain relationship integrity between these two classes. This plus the fact that no object instance can participate in 2 containment relationship at once could lead to some unexpected results when setting the attribute on the first Java class.
  2. Multiple gen model from a single UML model.
    Sometimes it is useful to separate a model into multiple, independent packages/Eclipse plugins. Instead of modeling the java package hierarchy in the model file, it is often better to have only the "lowest" level package, and use the base package EMF attribute to select what fully qualified Java package to map to. This way, during the generation process, the EMF tooling will allow the programmer to select which packages to include.

Written by Mike Kwong