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Linux started out as a project by a college student Linus Torvalds. By making the source code openly (and freely) available, and using the internet as a development, collaboration and distribution medium for his software, history was made. Today, there are thousands of developers working on core Linux, plus millions more working on related open source projects and applications. Major linux companies include Redhat, Ubuntu and SuSE. Furthermore, many big companies such as IBM and HP are actively promoting Linux as a key part of their strategy and their future.

Linux for Personal Computing

Linux has been extremely successful on servers, in data centers and on mobile devices (the latter is in large part a result of the success of the Android platform).

For personal computing on the desktop or laptop, however, Linux has had more limited success. To some extent this is due to the fact that using Linux still requires some amount of knowledge and willingness to look through forums and other internet sites for answers. Distributions such as Ubuntu has made big strides in the usability department, but things can still seem mystifying to the uninitiated.

In recent years, I have started to move my personal computing needs to Linux. The following are several articles documenting what I have learnt in the process.

Linux Distributions

A good site to get information about linux distributions is DistroWatch. The following list only include a few the major freely downloadable Linux distributions.

Linux Resources

Hints and Tips

See Linux Hints and Tips.

Written by Mike Kwong