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Software development is no longer a black art, the way it was decades ago. Thanks to the advances in design and analysis methodologies, object-oriented programming and better understanding of the development process, more robust, highly quality code and more predictable planning of software development is possible. The widespread use of large, distributed teams, both inside companies, and as part of the open source community, makes the use of good software engineering practice increasingly important. This community site is dedicated to the promotion of best practices in the development of all software, great and small.

Development Processes and Methodologies

Activity: Requirements Gathering

Activity: Analysis

Activity: Design

Design Patterns

Design patterns is a collection of useful techniques and designs in software design. An important attribute of design patterns is the documentation of the motivations, forces and design trade-offs behind them. Design patterns serve not only to assist software architects and developers come up with better software designs, but it also serves as common language that practitioners can use to debate and discuss the merits of various design options. Thousands of design patterns has been identified. Mastery of the key core set of design patterns should be considered a must by all object oriented developers.

Activity: Implementation

Activity: Testing

Written by Mike Kwong

Written by Mike Kwong