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Monitoring and Optimizing a web site

Monitoring and Optimizing a web site

Now that you have your web site up and running, how do you know if people are able to find your site? Furthermore, how do you know if your site is engaging your users? By using the appropriate tools to monitor how your site is truly performing, that would give you lots insights into what is working, and what needs to be improved.

Web Master Tools

Google Analytics

Site Search

Having a logical structure for your web site is extremely important for helping users find what they are looking for. However, even with the best navigational structure, sometimes that is still not enough. Providing a way to search for the right content on the site can be an extremely helpful feature for your visitors.

Fortunately, Google Custom Search makes it easy to set up site specific search for your web site. Just visit the Google Custom Search site, select New Search Engine and follow the instructions.

Once your done, copy the JavaScript code to all the place where you want Custom Search to appear.


Google search can display authorship information right in the search results page. This could be a great way to attract users to your site, especially if you have built up (or in the process of building up) a reputation for providing great content.

Instructions on how to set up authorship can be found here. It requires a Google+ profile, but the steps are relatively simple.

Once you have gone through the steps, it is useful to use the Rich Snippets Tool to make sure that you have set up the authorship information correctly

Written by Mike Kwong